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"If you are far from the enemy, make him believe you are near."
Sun Tzu


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Taoism & Taoist Arts Articles
The Circle Of Tao

By Ted Kardash, Taoist Priest and Teacher

lao-tzuThis is the first of several articles to explore the nature of Tao as presented in the writings of legendary sages Lao Tzu and Chuang Tzu, and to investigate how we might understand and apply these ideas in our daily lives.

We have all had the experience of being “plugged in”, deeply connected with something greater than ourselves. Watching a sunset or hiking in the woods, enjoying music or some other work of art, experiencing a special relationship with another person, whether through love, friendship, or compassion – any of these events can evoke a feeling of expansion and well-being.

Such occurrences are most often deeply meaningful. We encounter a larger reality where the boundaries between us and the outer world seem to vanish. We are totally present and feel whole and complete. We have entered the Circle of Tao.


Taoist Philosophy Applied To Daily Life

By Matt Timlin, the American Taoist

yin-yang-coffee-cupWhy is applying concepts found in Taoist texts like the Tao Te Ching and Chuang-Tzu’s Inner Chapters something that modern folk like us concern ourselves with?

An excellent question, and the answer may vary between you all but I will offer my own opinions on the matter.

A Barefoot Doctor Calls…

By Steph, The Barefoot Doctor

one-worldWell it’s a funny old time we’ve been having here – sometimes it fills you with elation, sometimes it fills you with fear. But I’ll tell you this, my friend: don’t let it drive you round the bend, because it’s just an adventure that we’re on.

Looking For Taoists In China, Mortal And Immortal

By Michael Winn, Author and Founder of Healing Tao University

michael-winn-hua-shan-mountainHad I discovered a favorite meditation spot of the Immortals ("shien") said to inhabit Mt. Hua Shan, or "Flower Mountain", the most famous sacred Taoist mountain in China? I was sitting on the gnarled branches of a centuries old pine tree. This tree, for some strange reason, grew sideways about forty feet out from the face of a sheer cliff, like a tiny dart stuck on the side of the mountain. It was a 3500 foot drop off to the ground, measured only by a handsome white Yosimite-like granite cliff face. To look down into the dizzying abyss below was to openly stare death in the face.

Is "Chi" Real? Yes, Beyond Any Doubt

By Michael Winn, Author and Founder of Healing Tao University

chi-is-realEveryone discovers qigong in their own way. When I first began experimenting with it twenty years ago, there wasn't a lot of support or explanation for the idea of "chi" (the pinyin "qi" had not yet become popular). Chi kung was mostly taught by martial artists, who often had a rather limited idea of chi as being something precious and hard to get, and once you got it you had to defend yours to keep it. There was an assumption that if you couldn't kick somebody's butt with your chi, then it wasn't really there. I later discovered chi is the most abundant "substance" in the universe, that you literally can't escape it no matter where you go.

Life Starts And Ends In Bed
By Kris Deva North, Author and Founder of London Healing Tao Centre - See more at:
By Kris Deva North, Author and Founder of London Healing Tao Centre - See more at:
By Kris Deva North, Author and Founder of London Healing Tao Centre - See more at:
By Kris Deva North, Author and Founder of London Healing Tao Centre - See more at:

By Kris Deva North (Author and Founder of Universal Healing Tao Center) & Anamarta (Founder of Jade Circle Anamarta)

life-starts-and-ends-in-bedThe Taoists of ancient China considered sex healthy, fun and serious business.  Four thousand years before Masters and Johnson they observed how some of us become aroused quickly, others more slowly.  So they developed secret practices to harmonise the different cycles of arousal.

The Microcosmic Orbit

By Daniel Reid, Author, Writer, Chinese Medicine, Detox & Self-Health Expert

mountain-meditationOnce you have opened the Microcosmic Orbit, you can practice circulating energy through it any time, any place, under any conditions, simply by using mind and breath in combination. When both partners in a sexual relationship have opened their channels, sexual intercourse takes on dimensions of energy and ecstasy previously unimagined and beyond reach.

On The Healing In Chi Kung

By Tim Spratt, Teacher, Writer and Founder of tim’studio

the vital postureOur times have become complicated, and evermore so. And yet, with the rapidity of change, and especially with the multiple cross-currents of mass inter-personal contact, it is words such as, Healing, Meditate, Retreat, Holism (among others), that catch our eye, appearing more in print now than they may ever have done before. How curious this is.

Tai Chi - To Be Or Not To Be?

By Howard Gibbon, founder of the East-West Taoist Association

tai-chiOne of the problems experienced by new students to Tai Chi is they often complain they can not remember the moves. Because Tai Chi relaxes the body and dulls the thought processes, the moves are often easily forgotten but the essential benefits of Tai Chi i.e. the meditative experience is remembered. Because it is absorbed into their being.

Inner Power

By Chee Soo, Kung Fu and Tai Chi Master and Author of The Taoist Art of Feng Shou

Chee Soo Practising Tai ChiAn old Chinese proverb says that 'The reflection on a pool of water never shows its depth'. In order to prove this, it is necessary for you to get into the water and swim down to the bottom of the pool, for you can never really know anything just by looking or watching. You must go in and see for yourself, or, in the modern idiom, you've got to have a go.

Chinese Medicine And Nutrition

By Pacific College of Oriental Medicine

healthy-eatingOriental medicine places high value on diet and nutrition. However, rather than the popular "you are what you eat" dogma, Oriental medical theory asserts that balanced dietary practices are just one piece of a healthy lifestyle.

Taoist Teaching, Taoist Practice, Taoist Life

By Kris Deva North, Author and Founder of London Healing Tao Centre

tai-chi-at-sunsetLet me share some aspects of my practice with you. If you are an early seeker, you may find bits and pieces that are of use. If a seasoned traveller you may have a little fun at my expense and think how much better your own practice is, or how superior your own teacher. You will learn something, even if only that you have nothing to learn. It doesn’t matter really - we are dancing the same spiral with different steps.

China Promoting Taoism's Influence Abroad

This article was published on on 23 October 2011

zhangjiajie-hunan-provinceTaoism was a 1,800-year-old religion originated from Lao Tze's philosophy. Lao Tze (BC 571-471) was the author of the book Tao De Ching, in which he pointed out that everything in the universe was born from vaccum or nothing and the balance and harmony should be achieved between human beings and nature. His thoughts even stimulated the creativity of some renowned modern physicists.

Mantak Chia - A Modern Taoist Master

Interview by Kris Deva North, Author and Founder of Universal Healing Tao Center

mantak-chia-kris-deva-north-interviewFamous for his books on cultivating male and female sexuality, Mantak Chia is probably the most quoted, misquoted and plagiarised of writers on esoteric sex.

Less well known is his great work as healer and teacher. He founded the system known as The Healing Tao which today has over 700 certified instructors and thousands of practitioners throughout the world, teaching and practising the Taoist arts, from Healing to Tai Chi, offering benefits ranging from stress relief to immortality.

Chi Kung: The Missing Link?

By Roy Mulholland, Founder of Satoro

satoroThe Taoist yin/yang mandala is not a flat static symbol on T shirts but a wisdom key to the dynamic creative/destructive forces of the universe in this dimension
expressed in a wave form between positive and negative, inhalation/exhalation, convergence/divergence etc. We live in a waveform universe. Light, sound, electricity and water all travel in waves, a sine wave. Naturally the body also works in waves; the heart pumps the blood, the muscles pump the lymphatic fluid, food travels down the digestive tract in peristaltic waves, spinal fluid travels up the spine to the cranium in waves, neurons fire in waves and so on.

The Tao of Cultivating Sexual Energy

By Michael Winn, Author and Founder of Healing Tao University

sexual-chi-kungSexuality is a universal way for people to quickly access their chi flow. The ancient Taoists developed many different methods to tap the enormous power of sexual energy in order to direct it towards creating better physical health, a greater sense of vitaliity and zest for life, and to refine the sexual impulse into a steady state of spiritual bliss. Sexual chi kung can heal sexual dysfunction and impotence, improve sexual relationships, relieve PMS and menstrual difficulty.

Essential Keys to Control Ejaculation

By Maryse Cote, Sexual Educator

taoist-sexual-practicesThe choice to last as long as you wish can be yours.  Ejaculation control, like any other skill, requires focused attention, time and practice.

A Beginner’s Guide To Meditation - What Exactly Is It?

By Pedram Shojai, Author of Rise and Shine: Awaken Your Energy Body with Taoist Alchemy and Qi Gong

meditation-for-beginnersEverywhere you look today, some expert is recommending meditation to people for a variety of reasons. Why? Because the world is crazy and we’re all wound up.
Meditation is an age-old, tried-and-true method which relieves stress…calming the body and the mind.
Tai Chi Moves For Kids Of All Ages, From 4-94

By Cari Shurman, creator of Tai Chi for Kids

Tai-Chi-for-KidsImagine a classroom where students have learned to focus on the work but are relaxed, have developed the self-confidence they need to proceed, have a reasonable level of fitness, muscle tone and balance, are free of excessive fears and anxiety. It can be achieved. TAI CHI MOVES can help. Teachers report that when they use the simplified TAI CHI MOVES in their class that students relax, cooperation improves, the whole day flows better. Test scores go up!

Redefining Medicine - Let’s Take A Serious Look At What The Score Is...

By Pedram Shojai, Author of Rise and Shine: Awaken Your Energy Body with Taoist Alchemy and Qi Gong

redefining-medicineIf you look at the rising cost of healthcare and the way the nation’s health is going, you have to understand that this “plan” simply isn’t working. Obesity and childhood diabetes are reaching epidemic levels. Heart disease and cancer are ravaging our population. More and more people are getting chronically ill and our current healthcare system is ill-equipped to deal with this crisis.

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