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Since I started to offer energy healing services, I have been dealing with a lot of entity issues. Commonly, people come to me with energy issues or issues that haven’t been helped by medical science for years. But quite often, I have found their health problems are related with entities. It surprised me how many people I have helped with these issues. It is supposed to be rare. Now these cases are increasing. It is astonishing to see that entity issues can happen to anyone in any degree with any problems, e.g. severe fatigue, food intolerances, depression, anxiety, stomach pain, nervous system disorder, tumors, etc.

The worse part of this is that it is almost impossible to detect at the beginning when someone has it. Only when one’s health starts to decline rapidly, the entities become visible to those who have special abilities. Since it cannot be detected by any medical device, one cannot be treated by medical science. I have often heard from my clients that their doctor cannot find anything wrong with them or don’t know why the treatment doesn’t work. Even if sometimes their suffering has momentary relief in response to a treatment or an operation, but quickly comes back with a worse condition or bigger tumor years later. It becomes a vicious cycle. The weaker you become, the harder it is to go for help. Often, when the entity is aware that you have found the right source to remove it, it will try to stop you from getting help by any means.

The entities are energy beings or energetic parasites. The longer it has been with you, the more damage has been done. But it is not the same from one case to another because people are different and entities are different. Nevertheless, they are all there for one purpose, wanting your energy and will dominate you sooner or later. You begin to lose yourself, little by little, until they are fully in charge of your mind, your choice of food and behavior.

The symptoms are commonly seen as: severe fatigue, Qi deviation, food intolerances, allergies, poor digestion, severe pain and pressure in head and spine, dizziness, extreme agitation, anger, fear, anxiety, depression, worry, panic, spacey feeling, unsociability, paranoia, suicidal thoughts, inability to focus, cognitive problems, heart palpitations, tightness or knots in the solar plexus, tight body, heaviness, difficulty breathing, tumors, Yin and Yang out of balance, TMJ pain, loss of thermostatic stability, inability to relax, nervous system disorders, etc. The symptoms are not limited to the above and not necessarily one person has them all.

Without removing the entity or entities, it is unlikely for people to recover from their illness or change their current living condition. But, the entity issue is not untreatable or something to be ashamed of. It can be helped.

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About The Author

By Sifu Jenny Lamb, Teacher, Healer and Founder Of Eastern Internal Arts Institute

Sifu-Jenny-LambSifu Jenny Lamb, a spiritual practitioner, teacher and healer, as requested by her masters, is currently shifting her prime teaching focus to energy healing worldwide in person or online. She has helped many people who have issues that cannot be helped through modern medical science, especially those who have entities, spirit, karmic issues, energy leaking, fatigue and other difficult diseases.

Sifu is a graduate of the prestigious Beijing University of Physical Education, has been a student of Chinese Martial Arts for forty years with many awards, and a teacher of Chinese internal arts since 1975 in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Europe, Canada and the U.S. She is the founder of the Eastern Internal Arts Institute and of the Tasting Tao Center. She was an actor in the first modern mainland Chinese martial arts movie (The Honor of DongFang Xu. Also called Pride’s Deadly Fury) and has been featured on the Discovery Health Channel. She is a Taoist and Buddhist practitioner with a Master’s degree in Religious Studies.

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