8 Feng Shui Tips For Good Feng Shui In The Bedroom

By Feng Shui Import

feng-shui-bedroomA feng shui bedroom is very important to us since we spend on average 1/3 of our time there.  A good feng shui bedroom can produce nourishing and sensual energy.  It’s a harmonious environment that we love to stay, enjoy and sleep in. On the other hand, a bad feng shui bedroom can cause lovers to argue or even separate or divorce. A bad feng shui bedroom will cause unrest and sickness.

Follow our top feng shui tips for improving your bedroom:

  1. Avoid any high objects opposite the bed, such as wardrobes. If you find you’re quarreling a lot with your lover this could be the reason.
  2. Use soft colors in your bedroom to welcome calm and peaceful energy. The color you choose is very important since colors also represent the five Elements. Use the right color to balance your home.
  3. Display something that has good meaning in your bedroom. Mandarin ducks, gemstones (such as tumbled stones), ingots or coins, Wu Lou and some lucky charms are recommended. Avoid big animal statues in your bedroom as they’ll disturb your sleep.
  4. Use soft lighting. It shouldn’t be too bright or too dim. It’s better to open the blinds or curtains during the day.  In addition, open some windows to let fresh air in and enhance the flow of energy.
  5. Be careful when putting flowers in your bedroom.  Flowers in some locations can activate your Tao Hua and bring a third party to your relationship.
  6. Choose gentle and peaceful pictures for your bedroom.  Don’t display pictures related to violence, portraits of people that are not related to your family or big animal pictures such as tigers.

In general, a good feng shui bedroom will be comfortable and relaxing to sleep in. The location of the bed in your bedroom is the most important aspect in arranging your feng shui bedroom.

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Feng-Shui-ImportFeng Shui Import has been importing and distributing feng shui items in San Diego, California since 1998.  You can find more Feng Shui Tips and Feng Shui Products on their website.


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