Tai Chi

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Tai Chi – To Be Or Not To Be?

By Howard Gibbon, founder of the East-West Taoist Association

tai-chiOne of the problems experienced by new students to Tai Chi is they often complain they can not remember the moves. Because Tai Chi relaxes the body and dulls the thought processes, the moves are often easily forgotten but the essential benefits of Tai Chi i.e. the meditative experience is remembered. Because it is absorbed into their being.

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Tai Chi Moves For Kids Of All Ages, From 4-94

By Cari Shurman, creator of Tai Chi for Kids

Tai-Chi-for-KidsImagine a classroom where students have learned to focus on the work but are relaxed, have developed the self-confidence they need to proceed, have a reasonable level of fitness, muscle tone and balance, are free of excessive fears and anxiety. It can be achieved. TAI CHI MOVES can help. Teachers report that when they use the simplified TAI CHI MOVES in their class that students relax, cooperation improves, the whole day flows better. Test scores go up!