Understanding How to Move Energy-Removing Obstacles In Your Life

road-closedThe key to understanding personal transformation is knowing that there is no “out there” vs. “in here”. As the famous Hermetic Axiom in Alchemy goes…”As Above, So Below”.

In the practice of Qi Gong (or energy work), we cultivate the flow of the energies within our body and become aware of the blockages in this flow. Life moves. Nature moves. Energy flows. It is the impedance or blockage of this energy that creates suffering, disease, and blockages in our “outer” lives. This is the tough part – the paradoxical notion that any of the “problems” we are facing in our lives are reflections of inner stagnation or blockages within our bodies or our consciousness. It is hard to grasp and even harder to accept until one TESTS it.

Let’s be scientific here. We can use our bodies and lives as our WORKSHOP and test various esoteric theories to see if they bear validity. I learned this from my Zen Master who always insists that the practice of observing one’s mind is very scientific. It took me a while to grasp his meaning because the “New Age” stance on so many of these topics is so belief-oriented…just throwing one’s self at a new set of dogma and usually a new “personality” one has inherited…

Once we start learning to observe blockages in our bodies, we can quickly learn to use our mind (shen) to guide our energy (qi) to help resolve these “dark spots” in our energy flow. This can be done with relative ease once the technique is learned. There is no reason to grasp and hang onto these energies. The problem: these energies are often tied to emotions wrapped around memories. We encapsulate emotions that we are unprepared to feel in real time and store them away in our fields to deal with on another day. Fast forward a few decades, we see that the barrage of “crap” life throws at us is endless. At this point in our trail of suffering, we’ve stored so much energy around these events that it starts to short-circuit the vital flow of energy in our energy fields.

The way around this is to understand the mechanism of how this energy gets trapped and learn how to release it with various Qi Gong exercises. Once we start, this process becomes very invigorating, liberating, and, quite frankly, fun. Yeah fun. It feels great to let go of the garbage we’ve been dragging around and it feels fun to restore the vital flow of Qi energy to our bodies. It makes us want to run, jump, and play again in this playground we call the world.

Test this out in your life and see how well it works. The more we clear from our fields, the more life starts to “work out” better for us. The less garbage from the past that we carry around with us on a daily basis, the more energy and enthusiasm we have to meet today’s challenges and not react to them out of fear and frustration. Feeling well is your birthright. Wake up to your internal power and start clearing the cobwebs today.

(You can read about this in further detail in Ch 2 and Ch 9 of my book- “Rise and Shine” – I invite you to download a free meditation clip that will help you get started on this process and feel for yourself how this works).

Use your body as the workshop and see what happens when you liberate your own energy flow…then it is an experience and not a belief.

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By Pedram Shojai, Author of Rise and Shine: Awaken Your Energy Body with Taoist Alchemy and Qi Gong

pedram-shojaiDr. Pedram Shojai is an ordained Taoist priest and the director of the Taoist Path School of Alchemy. He teaches meditation and Qi Gong to audiences worldwide and has award-winning books and DVDs published on Taoism, Qi Gong, and self-help. He helps students grow in their practice and better themselves through a 100 Day Gong program which has proven to be very helpful. He has created a number of free resources for students which can be found at www.taoistpath.com.

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i take things as they come. i try to do it as often as i can. i feel more full[filled] when i stop and look at no thing than when i work non-stop all day. i think this is why i philosophise over tao and practice tai chi. i don't know why i read law books though...

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