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Mystery – The Gateway To The Tao

Something mysteriously formed, Born before heaven and earth. In the silence and the void, Standing alone and unchanging, Everpresent and in motion. Chapter 25, Tao Te Ching The ancient Taoist sages believed that humans,...

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The Circle Of Tao

By Ted Kardash, Taoist Priest and Teacher

lao-tzuThis is the first of several articles to explore the nature of Tao as presented in the writings of legendary sages Lao Tzu and Chuang Tzu, and to investigate how we might understand and apply these ideas in our daily lives.

We have all had the experience of being “plugged in”, deeply connected with something greater than ourselves. Watching a sunset or hiking in the woods, enjoying music or some other work of art, experiencing a special relationship with another person, whether through love, friendship, or compassion – any of these events can evoke a feeling of expansion and well-being.

Such occurrences are most often deeply meaningful. We encounter a larger reality where the boundaries between us and the outer world seem to vanish. We are totally present and feel whole and complete. We have entered the Circle of Tao.


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The Calabash Of Light

A sister tradition of the Tao is the shamanic tradition of Hawaii: Huna, the practitioners Kahuna, mediators with Spirit. When healing is needed, the body-healer is called to give massage or herbs.  If the...

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The Tao Of Tantra

Is it disgusting, boring, worthy and dangerous, or can Tantra offer self-healing and realisation by having a good time? The Tao is the One, the source1; Tantra is to expand and to liberate2.  Both...

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Zen Or Tao, Tao And Zen

In the library at Dharamsala they were dressed for debate, mallas wrapped around biceps, robes round shoulders, arms free to gesticulate.  The words of Shakyamuni Buddha had finally been committed to writing four centuries...

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Mantak Chia – A Modern Taoist Master

Famous for his books on cultivating male and female sexuality, Mantak Chia is probably the most quoted, misquoted and plagiarised of writers on esoteric sex. Less well known is his great work as healer...