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Is “Chi” Real? Yes, Beyond Any Doubt

By Michael Winn, Author and Founder of Healing Tao University

chi-is-realEveryone discovers qigong in their own way. When I first began experimenting with it twenty years ago, there wasn’t a lot of support or explanation for the idea of “chi” (the pinyin “qi” had not yet become popular). Chi kung was mostly taught by martial artists, who often had a rather limited idea of chi as being something precious and hard to get, and once you got it you had to defend yours to keep it. There was an assumption that if you couldn’t kick somebody’s butt with your chi, then it wasn’t really there. I later discovered chi is the most abundant “substance” in the universe, that you literally can’t escape it no matter where you go.

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Chi Baking

Why Chi Baking? Do you enjoy that heavy, lethargic feeling you get after eating a “heavy” meal? Some people have told me they do, if you are one of those people, then read no...

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China Promoting Taoism’s Influence Abroad

This article was published on xinhuanet.com on 23 October 2011 NANYUE, Hunan, Oct. 23 (Xinhua) — China hosted a high-profile International Taoism Forum here on Sunday in an effort to spread the religion’s influence...