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qigong_outdoorsTaoism is based on unity with the natural energy that is all around us. The early Taoists studied the movement of the seasons and stars while watching animals and their behaviors in order to unlock the secrets of the Universe. The aim – to connect with the innate wisdom of nature and be one with that flow.

As a modern-day Taoist, I find these to be very exciting times. Barefoot running is awesome. The Paleo diet makes the most sense. There are several people teaching primitive skills and survival all over the world. I’ve spoken with and interviewed a number of the specialists in these fields for my second movie “Origins” and am in the throws of this “ancient wisdom fiesta”. We are really at a wonderful place in our understanding of ourselves and, funny enough, it really only had to do with looking back and studying where we came from.

Part of my fascination with this subject began with my studies into symbiotic organisms and their role in health mediation for the human body. The good bacteria not only help us digest our foods, they promote our immunity and contribute to how our DNA expresses in our bodies. The field of epigenetics is about to explode again as we are realizing that a good percentage of who we are ( as defined by our bodies) is cued by the bacterial DNA within us. Good colonies (why we take probiotics) help us thrive and enhance our life force. Bad colonies – well they feed the broken system of US healthcare… bringing us down both mentally and physically.

In the past, we’d drink water from streams and gulp down bacteria with every drink or meal. Our relationship with the earth and our natural environment around us connected us in the vast web of life on this planet. Yes, people died and let’s not scrub modern science but… in our modern world of hand sanitizers in every mall and Z packs for throat infections every month or so, we’ve killed off the good guys and allowed the bad bacteria to nest in…driving our health down and contributing their DNA in our overall genetic expression. The Chinese used to actually use germ warfare (Hua Gu) to create psychological depression and overall ill health in their enemies. We’ve invited them in one Twinkie at a time.

In the next few months, I’m excited about the upcoming interviews I have with big names in this movement. I’ve also revitalized some of the ancient Taoist training I’ve had – Hua To’s Frolics of the Five Animals. This is a powerful set wherein the practitioner “becomes” the animal they are playing and taps into the energetic wave form of their emanation. The Taoists understood how to learn from nature and to synchronize with it in order to enhance their health AND their consciousness. I would argue that those two are truly tied together and invite dialogue along these lines. Let’s really explore this PALEO QI GONG connection and tap into the undiscovered secrets of our own history.

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pedram-shojaiDr. Pedram Shojai is an ordained Taoist priest and the director of the Taoist Path School of Alchemy. He teaches meditation and Qi Gong to audiences worldwide and has award-winning books and DVDs published on Taoism, Qi Gong, and self-help. He helps students grow in their practice and better themselves through a 100 Day Gong program which has proven to be very helpful. He has created a number of free resources for students which can be found at

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i take things as they come. i try to do it as often as i can. i feel more full[filled] when i stop and look at no thing than when i work non-stop all day. i think this is why i philosophise over tao and practice tai chi. i don't know why i read law books though...

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