Taoism – The Way of the Universe

i’m always trying to find new perspectives on taoism that i can apply to my daily life. there’s so much great information out there already but a lot of it hasn’t translated very well to today.

originally, much of the studying of the tao and taoism was carried out by extremely intelligent scholars and academics. that’s great but it means a lot of the language is scholarly and academic too. i don’t know about you but i sometimes find that stuff hard to read.

that’s why i was really pleased to come across this video on youtube today from an inspirational guy called koi fresco. his explanation of the tao bridges the gap perfectly and i think his approach to teaching the idea of tao will appeal to those of us living in the now.

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i take things as they come. i try to do it as often as i can. i feel more full[filled] when i stop and look at no thing than when i work non-stop all day. i think this is why i philosophise over tao and practice tai chi. i don't know why i read law books though...

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