The Answer Is A Few Breaths Away

time-compression-syndromeIn this modern age of terabyte data transmissions and the world of Google at our fingertips, things move fast…really fast. This, in my opinion has led to the compression of TIME in our consciousness. This time compression syndrome as I like to call it can be seen in people all over the modern world. The earth is spinning and revolving around the sun at roughly the same rate it has for millions of years and yet, in our modern world we’re all short of time.

Time compression is an issue with consciousness itself…not time. What is time? An artificial construct that allows us to meet for coffee and agree on something. Consciousness? Yeah – that’s the only game in town. It is the quality of our consciousness that determines how we experience LIFE – not time. However, it is our entrapment and mental pathology that binds us to the concept of time.

The question really isn’t how much time do we have but really how much ENERGY we have and how present we are in the living breathing moment. There is no time in the eternal present. When we learn to “stop the world” and tap into the infinite energy in the eternal present, then we have just stepped out of time.

When you find yourself getting worked up and feeling this Time Compression Syndrome creeping in, take a moment and “pop in the clutch”. Take a few deep breaths and step out of the “time wave” you feel caught up in. Take a sip from the Fountain of Eternity and gather your awareness back to the present moment.

YOU are in charge of that dial. You are the only person that can guide the speed and frequency of your consciousness and you are the only person who is in control of how you emanate here on the planet. Slow down, breathe deeply, and check in with yourself. Time is an illusion. Step back into the driver’s seat and gather yourself. Mastery is a few breaths away.

Here’s a helpful meditation that will help you with this.

Have fun.

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By Pedram Shojai, Author of Rise and Shine: Awaken Your Energy Body with Taoist Alchemy and Qi Gong

pedram-shojaiDr. Pedram Shojai is an ordained Taoist priest and the director of the Taoist Path School of Alchemy. He teaches meditation and Qi Gong to audiences worldwide and has award-winning books and DVDs published on Taoism, Qi Gong, and self-help. He helps students grow in their practice and better themselves through a 100 Day Gong program which has proven to be very helpful. He has created a number of free resources for students which can be found at

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i take things as they come. i try to do it as often as i can. i feel more full[filled] when i stop and look at no thing than when i work non-stop all day. i think this is why i philosophise over tao and practice tai chi. i don't know why i read law books though...

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